The best protection for your smartphone! Dutch consumers have chosen TETRA FORCE from Cellularline as “Selected Product of the Year 2018”. TETRA FORCE is the new product line of phone covers, chargers and cables from the Italian supplier of accessories for smartphones and tablets.


The products have an elegant design and are made of high-tech materials. They offer extreme protection for mobile devices: the main reason why consumers voted for these products.

The election “Selected Product of the Year” is based on an extensive survey among a representative consumer panel conducted by The Nielsen Company. In response to the awarding of Cellularline, the organization Product of the Year: “According to consumers it is important that mobile electronics last a long time and can also take a beating. This applies to devices, but also to the accessories that protect the devices. The new TETRA FORCE line meets the specific needs of the target group that is looking for innovation and new solutions: protection and resilience. “

“This award confirms that our commitment to innovation and our R & D capabilities deliver tangible benefits for users, which continues to drive the appreciation of Cellularline products.”

“We are very proud of this recognition,” said Marco Cagnetta, co-CEO at Cellular Italia. “This award confirms that our commitment to innovation and our R & D capabilities deliver tangible benefits for users, which continues to drive the appreciation of Cellularline products.”

TETRA FORCE SHIELD: a super thin (only 0.21 mm thick) and flexible screen protector with a high scratch resistance, which is as clear as the original screen. TETRA FORCE SHIELD offers increased protection against drops and bumps and is 3 times more resistant to scratches than regular screen protectors.

TETRA FORCE SHOCK TWIST and TETRA FORCE SHOCK TECH: phone cases made of innovative materials that offer extreme protection against falls and bumps. Thanks to the IDS (Impact Dissipating System) technology, the impact of a blow is absorbed and discharged through the sides. The TETRA FORCE SHOCK TECH has a lifetime guarantee.

TETRA FORCE SHOCK TWIST: the extreme case made of soft and flexible material, combined with the internal strap, protects mobile phones from bumps and falls. TETRA FORCE SHOCK TWIST covers are available in different colors: the ideal way to give your smartphone a personal touch and protect it. Available for the iPhone 6 / 6s / 7/8 in the following colors: black, blue, white, pink and green.

TETRA FORCE SHOCK TECH: the protective case consists of a hard back combined with a soft frame, and provides triple protection against bumps and falls. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and scratch-free hard back of transparent material, TETRA FORCE SHOCK TWIST benefits both impact resistance and design. TETRA FORCE SHOCK TWIST is available for the iPhone 7/8 and also for 6 / 6s in the colors black, blue and red.

TETRA FORCE EXTREME CABLE: extra strong and flexible USB cables. Thanks to the SNAKE technology that protects the most vulnerable part of the cable, this cable is four times stronger than regular cables. The different versions EXTREME CABLES are ideal for charging and synchronizing data and are compatible with the Fast Charge technology. The special DuPont kevlar fibers make the EXTREME CABLE extra tear-resistant. The connectors are made of metal to ensure that they are more resistant to both impact and pressure. The EXTREME CABLE is available in two different lengths: 1 meter and 2 meters. The XL version of 200 cm can therefore also charge smartphones and tablets that are not directly located near an outlet!

Available in the following versions: Micro USB, MFI (Apple certified Lightning connector) and Type-C connector.

The Cellularline Tetra Force product line, the best protection for your smartphone!