• Inductive charging for device security
  • Powerful 10,000 mAh batteries
  • Smooth sleek battery design


  • Will only charge Romoss charger station batteries
  • Battery casing can scratch over time
  • No quick charge port

The Romoss portable charging station is a monster of a charging station. For a start, it is a lot larger than I expected. The box it comes in measures 14 x 7 x 10 inches.

The charging station itself measures 308mm x 144mm x 132 mm (12.1 x 5.6 x 5.2 inches). The station can charge up to eight 10,000 mAh battery chargers at the same time.

Each battery charger has two USB charging ports. There is no quick charge port on the battery.

If you want to charge more than eight batteries at a time you can link the portable charging stations together in series up to four stations. This will provide you with 32 batteries from one power outlet.

The batteries charge quickly in the station – although they look like disco lights whilst all eight are charging. Each battery has an four LED status indicators at the top which flash when charging.

Inside the box is one ‘free charging’ wall sticker and 15 table stickers.

I tested this with a group of friends at a music festival. I charged all eight power packs using the charging station overnight and took all of the batteries to the festival site.

For five days we used Romoss chargers to replenish our mobile devices and used our phones as normal. I returned with three chargers still on full charge and only one charger below 25 percent.

Romoss specialises in chargers, adapters and power banks. It positions the charging station a a way to draw traffic into the store to help you boost in-store sales. It will even provide customised charging stations for your business.

One bugbear I had with the charging station was that I could not use the station to charge any other battery. Romoss says that this method of inductive charging means that the batteries will not be stolen by users as they can only be charged in the charging station itself.

This is a really good idea if you plan to use this in a commercial setting, but not so useful if you have a stash of power banks to charge at home.

You would be better off with a multi-port wall chargers instead. Businesses with a local clientele would benefit from having one of these charging stations on-site.

Brands could offer a quick charge to their customers as they walk round the store – or loan them out at the mall. Fixed point charging stations mean that you need to leave your phone locked away whilst it charges. The Romoss gets around this issue.

Exhibitions, conferences and festivals could offer this service to their customers during the event and ensure that the power banks are returned at the end of the event by charging a small deposit.

The inductive charging contacts mean that the chargers are no use without the station.

Businesses that want to add an extra layer of customer service to their offering could use the Romoss. When I absolutely need a quick fix of power for my dying battery, I would love to know that one of these charging stations is nearby.

The Romoss brings added value to small businesses who want to build relationships with their customers. Every local business should have one.